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E-Participation in Local Governance in Denmark

In Denmark more than 80 percent of the population have access to the internet. At the same time all Danish municipalities have established their own websites where on-line citizens are informed about decisions of the council and public services. Furthermore, some municipalities have established digital forums for interaction between citizens and the local authority. 
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Forfattere: Leif Olsen, Olaf Rieper og Lars Torpe
Udgivet: November 2006

E-Participation in Local Governance in Denmark

Denmark is therefore a good case to study the possible impact of ICT on local governance. The article addresses the question whether ICT may contribute to reconfigure participation in local governance.

Focus is put on three possible outcomes of the use of ICT for participative purposes: That it could reinforce, supplement, or even replace existing forms of political participation on the local level.

Type: Bogbidrag, Digital Governance/Networked Societies - Creating Authority, Community, and Identity in a Globalized World, Red: Hans Krause Hansen: 301-328
Udgiver: Forlaget Samfundslitteratur, Frederiksberg
Vidensområder: Økonomi og administration, Social