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Videnskabelig artikel

Guidelines; from foe to friend?

Comparative interviews with GPs in Norway and Denmark
GPs follow clinical guidelines to varying degrees across practices, regions and countries, but a review study of GPs' attitudes to guidelines found no systematic variation in attitudes between studies from different countries.
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Forfattere: Benedicte Carlsen og Pia Kürstein Kjellberg
Udgivet: Januar 2010

Guidelines; from foe to friend?

However, earlier qualitative studies on this topic are not necessarily comparable. Hence, there is a lack of empirical comparative studies of GPs' attitudes to following clinical guidelines.

In this study we reproduce a Norwegian focus group study of GPs' general attitudes to national clinical guidelines in Denmark and conduct a comparative analysis of the findings.

Comparative qualitative studies of GPs' attitudes to clinical guidelines may reveal cross-national differences relating to the varying histories of guideline development. Further studies are needed to explore this hypothesis.

Type: Videnskabelig artikel, BMC Health Services Research, 10, 17: 8
Vidensområde: Sundhed